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    Our services covers the complete spectrum:

    Multimodal transport operations, port related logistics support services, and handling of project cargo. Hence, we can keep things simple for the client.
    Our services can be broadly classified into:
    We offer end-to-end freight services for export and import cargo, utilizing multiple modes of transport like sea, road and rail. We also started providing airfreight forwarding services to our customers. At present, we are one of the leading Logistics company in the country and handling substantial Full Container Load (FCL) volumes. We consolidated Multi-City Consolidation (MCC), involving movement of cargo from hinterland locations to a CFS at gateway ports for exports and vice versa for imports.
    Well trained and approved customs clearing staff enables precision and efficient clearance of goods through customs enabling consignee to receive goods in shortest possible duration.

    • Pre and Post shipment services including guidance on export and import regulations.
    • Follow-up and liaison with various authorities like Director General of Foreign Trade, Chief Controller of Imports and Exports and various Export promotion councils for permissions and authorization .
    • Documentation procedures- Authentication and experienced preparation and handling of documents.
    • Completion of all post shipment formalities and endorsements enabling clients to complete their commercial transactions without any inconvinence. 
    • Duty drawbacks / refunds and other export benefits.
    It is a specialized activity requiring detailed planning and technical expertise. We design and execute customized solutions to meet specific customer requirements for the transport of high value specialized equipment like oil field equipment, power plants and compressor solutions.
    The projects are executed on turnkey basis. The scope of work involves packaging and ocean and land transportation of the cargo at the factory anywhere in the world to its delivery at the project site, customs clearance and project registration, route survey, documentation, obtaining NOC and other permissions from Government departments.
    A well developed system and procedure for planning and controlling storage means the customers have more ontrol over their goods without actually worrying about how to do it and at the same time allows them to minimize their inventory costs. 

    • Preparing and checking documentation for warehousing.
    • Proper storage and handling systems specific to the nature of goods to eliminate any possibility of damage during storage.
    • Inventory management enabling total control over storage and movement of goods.
    • Bonding and consolidation services.
    • Distribution and delivery systems facilitating Just In Time arrival of goods at designated points.
    In addition we are able to assist in identification and setting up of warehousing facility specific to the customer’s requirement as to provide warehouse management services at customer owned warehouses.