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    The best practices rule The efficiency rule   The pioneer rule
    We have adopted the best industry practices across all areas of operations, from technology to HR policies. We also partner with the best companies around the world, thus fostering a free exchange of best practices.

    Our people are our most important and valuable  assets. We constantly endeavor to build a top-class team. Our management team has rich industry experience. We also conduct continuous training programmes to enhance our employees’ knowledge base and skill levels.

    We maintain ‘neutrality’ with our customers – CHAs and Freight Forwarders who hand over cargo to us on behalf of their exporters. We have earned their confidence by ensuring that their client contacts are not compromised.

    We are also able to achieve synergy in our operations and operate on global stage.
    Shipping lines that transport cargo are crucial to our business. We have an excellent relationship with most leading carriers and liners because of which we are able to negotiate favorable commercial terms and obtain operational advantages.
    We follow Japanese management / quality techniques like Kanban, TQM(Total Quality Mangement).

    Our IT system provides support to our business at all stages: Sales, planning, operations and documentation, accounts and customer service. It helps us enforce procedures, maintain an error-free workflow process and offer near real time tracking of shipments.
    Our system provides customers access to detailed Tracking and Tracing of shipments either through our website and GPS installed in our fleet of 40 trailers.
    Seal operates on the couple  powerful concept of  “One Body Concept” and “ Committed to Serve”.
    An attitude that has translated into the development of mutually and long term relationships with customers.