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IMO Dangerous Goods Declaration
Marking, labeling and placarding
Stowage requirements
Quantity limitations
  Stowage Requirement
Harmful substances shall be properly stowed and secured so as to minimize the hazards to the marine environment without impairing the safety of the ship and persons on board.
1. Dangerous goods shall be stowed safely and appropriately in accordance with the nature of the goods.
2. Explosives (except ammunition) which present a serous risk shall be stowed in a magazine which shall be kept securely closed while at sea. Such explosives shall be segregated from detonators. Electrical apparatus and cables in any compartment in which explosives are carried shall be so designed and used as to minimize the risk of fire or explosion.
3. Dangerous goods in packaged form which give off dangerous vapours shall be stowed in a mechanically ventilated space or on deck. Dangerous goods in solid form in bulk which give off dangerous vapours shall be stowed in a well ventilated space.
4. In ships carrying flammable liquids or gases, special precautions shall be taken where necessary against fire or explosion.
5. Substances which are liable to spontaneous heating or combustion shall not be carried unless adequate precautions have been taken to minimize the likelihood of the outbreak of fire.