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IMO Dangerous Goods Declaration
Marking, labeling and placarding
Stowage requirements
Quantity limitations
Packages shall be adequate to minimize the hazard to the marine environment, having regard to their specific contents.
1. The packaging of dangerous goods shall be:
  • well made and in good condition;
  •  of such a character that any interior surface with which the contents may come in contact is
  •  not dangerously affected by the substance being conveyed; and
  •  capable of withstanding the ordinary risks of handling and carriage by sea.
2. Where the use of absorbent or cushioning material is customary in the packaging of liquids in receptacles, that material shall be:
  • Capable of minimizing the dangers to which the liquid may give rise;
  • so disposed as to prevent movement and ensure that the receptacle remains surrounded; and
  • where reasonably possible, of sufficient quantity to absorb the liquid in the event of breakage of the receptacle.
3. Receptacles containing dangerous liquids shall have an ullage at the filling temperature sufficient to allow for the highest temperature during the course of normal carriage.
4. Cylinders or receptacles for gases under pressure shall be adequately constructed, tested, maintained and correctly filled.
5. Empty uncleaned receptacles which have been used previously for the carriage of dangerous goods shall be subject to the provisions of this part for filled receptacles, unless adequate measures have been taken to nullify and hazard.