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The service standards of our organization are considered as one of the best in the  market. The organization believes in giving impeccable service by ensuring high  standards in manpower, equipment, systems and  working environment within the  organization.

The entire workforce of the company comprises a set of dedicated people working with  diligence, integrity and  a spirit of teamwork.

The health, safety and environment protection policies of the company are followed  strictly. Field staff including  supervisors, equipment operators, drivers etc. wears safety  gears provided by the company. Repeated training  sessions on fire fighting and first aid  is provided to field through competent authorities.

The organization has a strong human and industrial resource team, which ensures that  the various needs of the  employees are taken care. The staff is motivated by suitable  remuneration, growth opportunities, annual  bonuses and performance based incentives.  A grievance-address cell is in place that looks into individual  difficulties.

The HR department also conducts various training and development programmes.  Recently the Art of Living  Corporate Workshop was held for a week. This will be  followed by continual follow-up sessions. Drives,  Operators & Technician are sent for  various training programmes such as the carriage of hazardous cargoes..  On the Job  training is strongly advocated within the organization and in house promotions and  growth is  encouraged. A sprit of teamwork and camaraderie is infused by organizing various sports activities, annual get–togethers, long service awards functions and so on.

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